Business Scope

Key Market

  • Myanmar
  • Belarus
  • Latin-America

Myanmar Di Luowa Shipyard Project

The project is aimed to building an integrated shipyard of shipbuilding and ship repair for Myanmar.

Myanmar Mandalay Bridge Project

The bridge, across the Irrawaddy River extends 1711m long, of which, steel structure part is 1126 meters, with its largest span of 224 meters.

Belarus 400,000-ton Pulp Mill Project

It is the first turnkey pulp mill project via general contracting of China side in Belarus. The project targets at building a new 400,000-ton bleached sulfate pulp mill in Svetlogorsk, Belarus. The services provided by CAMCE include design, equipment supply, civil works, installation, commissioning and commissioning, trial production, qualified equipment operation and production, training, technical services during the warranty.The main production project includes materials preparation system, cooking, washing and bleaching systems, paddle machine, packing assembly system, evaporation system, combustion system, causticizing system, and lime recovery system.

Sino-Belarus Industrial Park Project

The project is located in Smalyavichy district, Minsk, Belarus, 25km from the capital, Minsk, and covers an area of 91.5 square kilometers. The site is adjacent to Minsk International Airport, about 500 kilometers from Klaipeda port by the Baltic Sea, about 700 kilometers from Moscow, and about 1,000 kilometers from Berlin. The park is readily accessible via international roads, motorways and railways, hence its good geographical advantages. The park is pillared by manufacturing and modern service industries, and relying on the sizeable number of universities, research institutions, of the capital, Minsk, it attracts and accumulates a great number of intellectual resources so as to build an international new city by integrating its ecology, livability, industries, dynamics, and innovation.

Monte Guayas Hospital Project in Ecuador

Monte Guayas Hospital Project in Ecuador

Auxiliary and Civil Engineering Project of National Security Emergency Command and Control System in Ecuador

The supporting civil construction projects of the “national security emergency command and control system” in Ecuador are located in seven cities, the target of which is to establish seven 911 emergency security control centers.


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