Educational Training

Our training is targeted at quickly adapting to changes in talent requirements by the external environments, and continuously enhancing staff team building, forming a team with strong ability and great combat and political integrity, and strengthening the overall competitiveness of the company’s talents.

  • Training Objective

    Our objective of training is to improve the overall quality and skills of employees and managers through various forms of training.

  • Training Orientation

    Based on the company’s strategic development, we focus on knowledge and skills training, gradually build echelon personnel, and provide human resources guarantee for the sustained and healthy development of the company.

  • Training Mission

    Our mission is to adhere to the principle of “Learning for applying and applying what we learn” and proceed from the reality and on-demand training of high quality in a flexible manner.

  • Training Scope

    We launch training for all employees to guarantee their rights of training receiving and carry out targeted training and counseling based on characteristics of the employees. At the same time, trained employees should fulfill its responsibilities and undertake corresponding obligations.


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