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China IPPR won multiple commendations for combating COVID-19 epidemic of the China Survey and Design Association and its Architectural Design Branch

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  Recently, China IPPR has won awards in multiple award selection activities carried out by the China Survey and Design Association and its Architectural Design Branch, which further strengthened brand and industry influence of China IPPR in the medical construction field. 

  In 2020, when the COVID-19 prevention and control situation was severe, a number of emergency treatment facilities have been newly built, renovated and expanded in various places, which played a very important role in the large-scale treatment of diagnosed patients and reversing the epidemic prevention and control situation. In order to give full play to the demonstration role of these projects in the construction of emergency treatment facilities for public health emergencies in the future, the China Survey and Design Association organized and implemented the Industry Outstanding Survey and Design Award of COVID-19 Emergency Treatment Facilities Design selection. China IPPR won a total of 6 awards, including 4 first prizes and 2 second prizes. 

  In the selection of excellent anti-epidemic buildings and excellent anti-epidemic architects (engineers) guided by the Architectural Design Branch of the China Survey and Design Association, China IPPR won 6 outstanding anti-epidemic buildings, 1 special contribution award, and 18 outstanding anti-epidemic persons awards, which were reviewed by a total of 25 academicians, architects and authoritative experts in the architectural design field. 


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