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China IPPR helps Wuhan fight Coronavirus Epidemic

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  At 13:06 on January 23, 2020, an urgent help letter arrived at China IPPR International Engineering Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of CAMCE. The letter came from Wuhan Urban and Rural Construction Bureau, requesting support for the construction of an emergency hospital to treat novel coronavirus pneumonia in Wuhan.

  The reason why Wuhan Urban and Rural Construction Bureau came to China IPPR was that the company had successful experience in relevant area.

  17 years ago, the China IPPR Medical team led by Dr. Huang Xiqiu, a national survey and design master, a model of the spirit of SINOMACH, and the chief architect of China IPPR Consulting, was tasked to complete the design and construction of the Xiaotangshan Hospital within 7 days. The hospital treated one tenth of the world’s and one seventh of the nation’s SARS patients within two months. The cure rate was over 98.8%. None of the 1383 medical staff member were infected, which was recognized as a medical miracle by WHO experts.

  After receiving the letter, China IPPR quickly convened a coordination meeting to support the construction of an emergency hospital in Wuhan chaired by Dr. Huang Xiqiu. Management of China IPPR, the chief technical engineers and the directors of related medical departments participated.

  After discussion, a series of decisions were formed at the meeting. The drawings and related materials of Xiaotangshan Emergency SARS Hospital were immediately sorted out and sent to Wuhan Urban and Rural Construction Bureau. An emergency command headquarters composed of company management and relevant department heads was set up. The technical support expert team was set up whose member designed and constructed in 2003 Xiaotangshan Emergency SARS Hospital to provide technical advice and suggestions to Wuhan Urban and Rural Construction Bureau and the design organization at any time.

  Dr. Huang Xiqiu, who was nearly eighty years old, submitted a letter, expressing his determination to obey the arrangements at any time, rush to the front line, and participate in the fight against coronavirus epidemic.

  At 14:22, the revised Xiaotangshan Hospital drawings were delivered to Wuhan. The mission did not end.   

  At 18:43, the design organization of the emergency hospital, CITIC Design Institute, called for technical support. China IPPR teams quickly established direct communication channels, and the medical expert team directly connected with CITIC to ensure technical support within 24 hours.

  Facing the dangerous epidemic, CAMCE bravely assumes the responsibility of a central SOE. China IPPR Medical Design Team is ready to stand with the country and the people of Wuhan to overcome the difficulties and resolutely win the fight against novel coronavirus pneumonia.

  As long as the motherland needs us, we will never be absent.


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