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Outside Directors of SINOMACH Visited IPPR for Inspection

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  In the morning of January 14, 2020, outside directors of SINOMACH Shang Bing, Gao Fulai, Jiang Xin, Dong Xuebo and Cai Hongping visited China IPPR International Engineering Co., Ltd. for inspection. The Secretary of the Board of SINOMACH Sun Miao, Chairman of CAMCE Luo Yan, General Manager and Secretary of Party Committee of CAMCE Ding Jian, accompanied them on the inspection. CAMCE Deputy General Manager Wang Yuhang and Li Haixin, Secretary of Committee for Discipline Inspection Lv Lele, Deputy General Manager Liu Shengcheng, Secretary of the Board of Directors Zhang Chunyan and Assistant to General Manager Huang Kaili attended the activity.

  The outside directors visited the IPPR project display area and the honor gallery.

  After the visit, the outside directors exchanged views on the development situation of CAMCE and IPPR. Luo Yan, Ding Jian, and Deputy General Manager of IPPR Zhang Tongyi reported respectively the general situation of CAMCE, the Party construction situation of CAMCE, and the IPPR development situation. At the meeting, Luo Yan made a deep exchange and discussion with the outside directors in aspects such as the China-Belarus Industrial Park, the Bicentennial Action, and the synergism between CAMCE and IPPR.

  The outside directors of SINOMACH affirmed the successes of CAMCE's business and management, expressed recognition of CAMCE's business model and financial indices, and appreciated the responsibility and performance of the company's management. The outside directors also provided valuable suggestions for the development of the company.


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