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Chairman of CAMCE Luo Yan won the Forbes 2017 China's Most Outstanding Business Women Ranking 40th

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    On February 6th, 2017, Forbes Chinese released "Forbes 2017 China's Most Outstanding Business Women Ranking List", and 100 Chinese business women whose main management business were in mainland selected on the list. Chairman and President of CAMCE Luo Yan as the outstanding female entrepreneurs in international project contracting area has the honor to rank fortieth.

    Forbes use the company's business scale which female managers in charged, the quality of operations, the number of management as well as the influence of the outside world as a measure of the index, and ranked these 100 business women in the way of quantification. The ranking list is not only concerned about the value of their business operations, but also pay attention to the role played by women executives in the management of enterprises and the actual control of the enterprise growth and influence. 


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