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China-Belarus Industrial Park High-Level Coordinative Meeting was Successfully Held

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    On the afternoon of January 14, 2017, Chairman of China Merchants Group Li Jianhong visited SINOMACH and  the two Groups held the China-Belarus Industrial Park high-level coordinative meeting. Chairman of SINOMACH Ren Hong Bin received Chairman Li Jianhong, and President of SINOMACH Xu Jian, Vice President of SINOMACH Xie Biao and Liu Jingzhen, Chairman of CAMCE Luo Yan attended this reception and meeting.

    The meeting was first developed by Li Haixin, President of China-Belarus Industrial Park Joint Company, who made 2016 annual summary of China-Belarus Industrial Park, and reported the progress on construction, investment, operation and management. Then, CEO of China-Belarus Industrial Park Joint Company Hu Zheng analyzed the development situation of Industrial Park t and put forward some suggestions.

    After listening to the report, Chairman of SINOMACH Ren Hongbin and Chairman of China Merchants Group Li Jianhong fully affirmed the achieved effective work of the park, and deployed the key point in the further work, and that must be in accordance with the instructions of the leaders of the two countries, strengthen confidence, step by step, accelerate the process of internationalization and development.

     Before the meeting, Chairman of China Merchants Group Li Jianhong visited SINOMACH 20th anniversary exhibition on the theme of "Glory and Dream".

    President of China Merchants Group Li Xiaopeng, office director of China Merchants Group Li Yadong, deputy director of the general office of China Merchants Group Yimei Bian, SINOMACH strategic investment minister Li Xiaoyu, office director of SINOMACH Shi Hui, SINOMACH contracting department director Zhang Yu, SINOMACH Vice Minister of the Ministry of business development Hao Ping, director of China-Belarus Industrial Park Xia Yu attended the meeting.



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