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CAMCE 2016 Summing-Up and Commendation Meeting Held Successfully

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    CAMCE Summing-up and Commendation Meeting, chaired by CAMCE's Secretary of the Party Committee and Vice President Zhao Lizhi, was held on 29, December 2016. President Luo Yan, senior executives, and all its employees and some representatives of its subsidiaries attended the meeting.  

    To start with, Mr. Zhao Lizhi made a report on party building for the year of 2016. He briefed the basic situations of the party committee in the past several years, reviewed the main work of the party committee in 2016. And he called upon all party members and employees to keep battling and marching forward with determination to provide strong support for fufilling tasks set for the year of 2017.

    And then, President Luo Yan made work report titled 'Strive for CAMCE's Sustainable Development with Strong Confidence and Vigorous Implementation'. In the report, she elaborated the main achievements accomplished in the year of 2016, summed up 5 strategic implementations, 5 highlights in the Year of Strategy Implementation, and gift presenting in honor of CAMCE's founding for 15 years and listing for 10 years as well as a big surprise for the Year of Strategy Implementation. And then, she mapped out the work plan, proposed 5 working ideas and put forward new requirements for the year of 2017. She required all people to work hard to speed up the company's transformation and upgrading, and build CAMCE to be a century-long company. At the end of report, she defined the year of 2017 to be Year of Sustainable Development. 

    At last, the meeting commended and rewarded the following units. They are excellent correspondents, activists of labor union, excellent workers of labor union, excellent league members, excellent workers of youth league branch, excellent youth league branch, excellent members of the communist party, excellent party workers, advanced party branches, outstanding trainee of project manager training, the best learning group of country representatives' training, devotion of corporate culture, integrity of corporate culture, persistence of corporate culture, innovation of corporate culture, corporate culture building, outstanding experts, outstanding individuals, excellent project teams, advanced individuals, excellent departments, units for implementing the strategy and incentive fund of president.

    The meeting came to a successful conclusion, and all people of CAMCE will work hard and forge ahead to achieve sustainable development and greater prosperity for CAMCE.




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