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Chairman of JGC Corporation Visited SINOMACH

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    The afternoon of June 7, 2016, Chairman of JGC Corporation Shigeku Yoshihiro visited SINOMACH. Chairman of SINOMACH Ren Hongbin received Shigeku Yoshihiro chairman and held talks. Chairman of CAMCE Luo Yan accompanied the chairman reception.

    During the talks, Chairman of SINOMACH Ren Hongbin  welcomed Chairman Shigeku Yoshihiro's visit, and introduced the business of SINOMACH and business in petrochemical industry. Chairman Shigeku Yoshihiro introduced its' recent development and the advantages in petrochemical and infrastructure fields. They discussed their future opportunities for cooperation. Chairman Luo Yan introduced CAMCE's basic business fields and advantages in its' business fields, and wish to keep effective communication in future.

    Before the talks, Chairman Luo Yan accompanied Chairman  Shigeku Yoshihiro visited SINOMACH. 

    JGC Corporation Agency Nagawa Nakoichi, Senior Advisor  Takeuchi Keisuke, Executive Director of the business of the minister Yoshida Akiro, operating the China business promotion department minister Kumatani, the third project development department representatives Li Baolu, chief representative of Beijing Office Liu Xiaofeng, General Manager Assistant Wang Mengdi. Vice minister of SINOMACH business development department Zhangyu, Senior President of CAMCE Chen Yufang, President Assistant of CAMCE Yang Dong attended above meeting. 


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