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Sinomach debuts agricultural equipment at CIAME 2021

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Sinomach’s booth shows its latest products in the field of agricultural machinery at the CIAME 2021 held from April 7 to 9 in Central China’s Henan province. [Photo/]

The China International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition (CIAME), organized by the China Association of Agricultural Machinery Manufacturers, the China Agricultural Mechanization Association and the China Agricultural Machinery Distribution Association, was held in the International Convention and Exhibition Center of Zhumadian city, Central China’s Henan province, from April 7 to 9.

The Chinese Academy of Agricultural Mechanization Sciences (CAAMS) and YTO Group Corporation (YTO), subsidiaries of Sinomach, participated in the annual exhibition and showcased their new products, sharing the spotlight at the event and showing the company’s leading research and manufacturing capability in the agricultural machinery sector.

With more than 400 exhibitors, this year’s event built up the largest and most influential domestic platform for agricultural machinery promotion, exhibition and transactions. A series of sub-sessions and parallel activities were also held during the exhibition.

Technology innovation and platform development draws attention

Centering on self-reliance of science and technology and rural revitalization, CAAMS mainly displayed silage maize harvesters, balers, no-tillage planters and other high-performance agricultural machinery. In addition, unmanned agricultural equipment such as inspection and disinfection robots and bird-scaring unmanned aerial vehicles, as well as key parts and technologies of agricultural machinery, such as grain crushing devices, sensors intelligent terminals and new material parts, gained widespread visitor interest.

During the exhibition, CAAMS launched themed activities to unveil the National Demonstration Platform for Production and Application of Agricultural Machinery, Equipment and Materials, one of the 15 platforms built by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology for new materials.

The platform, led by CAAMS, is designed to boost industry-university-research-application cooperation between domestic advantageous resources in the new material industry, and team them up to make breakthroughs in key generic technologies in a bid to step up the innovative development of new materials, pin up the industrial foundation and modernize the industrial chain, increasing China’s manufacturing power.

CAAMS also released a new digital product, an app to provide one-click query in agricultural machinery. With professional content, practical knowledge and data analysis, it enables farmers, machine owners and enterprises to create more value. The app will help CAAMS become a media big data application service platform in agricultural machinery and explore digital industrialization in the sector.

Polytype advanced agricultural tools on stage

YTO brought its hit products -- “Dongfanghong (or Oriental Red)” series of large and medium horsepower tractors, harvesters, diesels and other agricultural implements to the CIAME 2021.

The products included large and medium horsepower tractors tailored for the needs of spring plowing in different areas of China. They can be matched with other tools such as rotary cultivators, deep looseners and hydraulic turnover plows to cover the whole process of plowing, planting and harvesting in different topographies such as paddy fields, dry lands and orchards, and can realize whole process mechanization for a variety of crops.

The exhibited "Dongfanghong" diesel engine adopts a new generation of high pressure common rail power platform, with more energy saving and efficiency, so it meets the demand for green power in tractors and harvesters of different horsepower. YTO is qualified to produce a complete machinery line meeting the national emission standards, walking as it does in the forefront of the country in that area.

The CIAME has been a platform for global communication and interchange with boundless business opportunities. The CIAME exhibits cover the whole process of agricultural production, including tilling, seeding, seedling planting, transplanting, fertilizing, plant protecting, harvesting, after-harvest processing, transporting, irrigating, foraging and powering, as well as spare parts and components. Machinery having intelligent whole-process mechanization solutions for economical crops such as vegetables and orchards and that can be used in hills and mountainous areas is highlighted.


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