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Sinomach subsidiary brings China’s nonwovens manufacturing to higher level

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China’s first efficient and intelligent production line of high-strength spunlaced nonwovens, with a width of 3.8 meters, developed by Sinomach subsidiary HTHI [Photo/]
Hi-Tech Heavy Industry Co Ltd (HTHI), an affiliate of Sinomach, recently rolled out a 3.8-meter wide production line of high-strength spunlaced nonwovens with more advanced and intelligent technologies, the first of its kind in China to produce nonwovens. It has passed all testing and has gone into full operation.
It fills a gap in domestic high-yield and intelligent production lines for spunlace non-woven fabric, and improves the quality of nonwovens to a great extent, marking a major leap for the manufacturing technology of nonwovens equipment in China.
The production line is equipped with an efficient cleaning system, a wide high-speed carding machine, and an energy-saving spunlace machine and dryer. The whole process is controlled by an intelligent operation and maintenance system that can realize online monitoring and remote operation and maintenance.
Such perfection in high-level informatization will enable the production line to run in a steady manner and increase production efficiency with lower power consumption. Its running speed can reach 180 meters per minute, and its annual capacity is more than 10,000 tons, tops in China.
Regarded as a new type of soft and breathable fiber products, nonwovens are widely used in every aspect of life, such as health care, family decoration, clothing, industry and agriculture.
Sinomach, the world’s leading textile equipment developer manufacturer, has made breakthroughs in many key intelligent textile equipment technologies, and promoted textile equipment and even the intelligent development of the textile industry to a higher level.
The company will continue to give full play to its industrial advantages and innovate in intelligence and automation, empowering China’s textile machinery into a high-grade industry.

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