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New Dayang Shipbuilding enjoys successful start in 2021

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The CL YINGNA HE 63K bulk carrier built by SUMEC New Dayang Shipbuilding waits to be received by its owner on March 8. [Photo/]

The CL YINGNA HE, a bulk carrier produced by New Dayang Shipbuilding affiliated to Sinomach subsidiary SUMEC Group Corporation, was delivered to China Development Bank Financial Leasing Co on March 8. As of now, the company has delivered four ships to owners in 2021.

SUMEC New Dayang Shipbuilding plans to deliver 19 orders in 2021, and explore the construction of more new ship types.

The company adjusted the holidays of the project’s workers in a flexible manner to minimize the influence of uncertainties such as the COVID-19 pandemic and ensure the delivery of this year’s first ships. It also selected the trial operation’s participants in advance.

The shake-down cruise was completed before the Spring Festival holiday, which ensured its smooth delivery.


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