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Sinomach donates 30 million yuan to Hubei province

Release time:2020-02-06 Reading times: A+AA-

Sinomach donated 30 million yuan ($4.29 million) to Hubei province, the center of the novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) outbreak, further supporting the battle against the virus.

Sinomach pays high attention to the prevention and control of the epidemic, taking it as its most important work at present. The company has made overall arrangements in a timely manner and actively shouldered its responsibilities as a central enterprise at this crucial time.  

The company will continue to give full play to its strengths and advantages to meet the country’s needs in the epidemic, providing technical support for the construction of emergency hospitals in the hardest-hit areas and offering customers key optical devices for virus detection. It has also started production of non-woven fabric (the raw material for masks and protective suits) to bolster supplies and help in the fight against the epidemic.


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