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Chinese tractor proved popular overseas

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The Chinese patriotic song “The East is Red” was familiar to everyone in China and even some foreigners in the old days. In recent years, the name has been mentioned again and proved popular abroad. The only difference is here the name refers to a tractor brand developed by China’s YTO Group Corporation.

According to YTO, the country’s leading agricultural machinery and construction machinery manufacturer, it had exported more than 2,000 tractors of its popular “The East is Red” brand, the number of which ranked first in the category of high-powered tractors.

Following the country’s Belt and Road Initiative, a development strategy proposed in 2013 which aims at boosting connectivity and cooperation among countries primarily between China and the rest of Eurasia, YTO managed to expand its overseas market to the land-based "Silk Road Economic Belt" and oceangoing "Maritime Silk Road".

YTO also adopt targeted strategies while providing tractor export services to countries along the Belt and Road area based on their specific national conditions. In Tajikistan, YTO offered a set of machinery solutions to a local based Chinese firm to earn market share. In Kyrghyzstan, YTO established its own overseas branch and provides after sale and training services. In Uzbekistan, YTO cooperated with China Poly Group Corporation in local market expansion.

In May, 2015, YTO was approved to set up its research and development base in China-Belarus Industrial Park. The company is now focusing on the upgrading of core components of tractors including data network sytem, CAE engineering and electronic control system, expecting to further broaden its business landscape.

The “The East is Red” brand tractors are placed orderly at YTO Group Corporation’s factory. [Photo/YTO]

YTO at the signing ceremony to set up its research and development base in China-Belarus Industrial Park. [Photo/YTO]


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