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Fish meal

Fish meal is a high-protein feed raw material made of one or more kinds of fish as raw material by degreasing, dehydrating and smashing. Fish meal is still one kind of important animal protein-adding feed, and imported fish meal can be divided into steam drying fish meal and direct fire drying fish meal in terms of drying process.


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1, Effective energy value     In fish meal, there is no indigestible substances such as fiber, and crude fat content is high. Therefore, effective energy value of fish meal is high, and fish meal as raw material is easily used to prepare high-energy feed in production.

2, Vitamin      Fish meal contains rich B vitamins. Especially, VitaminB12 and B2 levels are high. In addition, it still contain fat-soluble vitamins such as vitamin A, D and E.

3, Mineral substance  Fish meal is a good source of mineral substance. Both calcium and phosphorus contents are high, and their percentages are appropriate. All phosphorus is available. In fish meal, selenium content is very high, over 2mg/kg. In addition, contents of iodine, zinc, ferrum and selenium are also high in fish meal, and an appropriate amount of arsenic is contained.

4, Unidentified growth factor There is an unidentified factor promoting growth in fish meal which isn't refined into a compound, but may stimulate growth and development.


Indicators values Protein: Minimum 68% VBN: Maximum 100 Histamine: Maximum 500

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