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Pea is mainly divided into yellow peas and green peas. Its protein content can reach 25%, starch content can reach 55%. It can be widely used in making protein powder, vermicelli, stuffing, snack food and feed, mainly from Canada and the United States.


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Pea is Angiospermae Dicotyledoneae, original, metachlamydeae, Rosales, Rosa suborder, Leguminosae, Papilionoideae, wild pea family, pea, mainly from Canada and the United states. From the color of a pea green, yellow two, yellow pea stem epidermis pale, with different varieties and different shapes, mostly round and oval, spherical, oblate, concave shape, shrinkage etc.. Dry yellow pea by cold water immersion, bean curd is thick, and no sense of transparency, hand rub skin, golden yellow pea seed. The nutritional value of pea: pea pods and pea leaves are rich in vitamin C and can break down the body nitrosamines enzyme can be decomposed nitrosamines, has anti-cancer anti-cancer effect. Pea is different from the ordinary vegetables, Cha acid, gibberellin and plant substances such as coagulation factors which contain only the antibacterial anti-inflammatory, enhance the function of The new supersedes the old. Are rich in dietary fiber and pea peas, can prevent constipation, bowel function.

Protein 25% Moisture Max 10%

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