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Meat and bone meal

Meat and bone meal is a feed product made of inedible livestock bodies, residual dogmeat, bones and viscera in livestock and poultry slaughtering plants as raw materials by high-temperature steaming, degreasing, drying and smashing. The content of rude protein in meat and bone meal generally reach 50%~60%, and amino acid compositions are more balanced. It is an important ani...


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1.Crude protein     Protein content varies greatly with different raw materials, and mean content reaches 40%~50%. For some meat and bone meal with high bone amount, it is only about 35%. Crude protein mainly originates from phospholipid (cephalin, lecithin, etc), inorganic nitrogen (urea, creatine, etc), keratoprotein (corner, hoof, fur, etc), connective tissue protein (collagen, bone glue, etc) and muscle tissue protein so on. Protein quality is only secondary to fish meal and is also one kind of high quality protein feed. Generally, connective tissue protein in meat meal and meat and bone meal is more, and its amino acids mainly include proline, hydroxyproline and glycine. Therefore, amino acid compositions are not good. Except for lysine with medium content(about 2.5%), methionine (3%~6%) and tryptophan contents (lower than 0.5%) are low, and some products can't be absorbed due to excessive heating.

2. Effective energy value   Energies of meat meal and meat and bone meal are mainly from protein and fat (8%~18%), while contents and qualities of the two components are influenced greatly by raw material type and manufacturing process. Therefore, energy content varies greatly. 

3. Vitamin   Contents of fat-soluble vitamin A and vitamin D are lower due to great damage caused by production process, but content of B vitamins is high. Especially, vitamin B12 content is highest, and contents of others such as niacin and choline are higher.

4.Mineral substance  The content of crude ash in meat and bone meal is 26%~40%,calcium content is 7~10%, and phosphorus content is 3.8~5.0%. Meat and bone meal is good calcium and phosphorus sources for animals. Not only calcium and phosphorus are of high content, but also their percentages are suitable. All phosphorus is available. In addition, contents of microelements manganese, ferrum and zinc are also higher. 

Indicators values Protein: Min 45% Moisture: Max 10% Fat: Max 12% Ashes: Max 37% Phosphorus: Min 4% Calcium: Min 8%

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