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As a herbage, Medicago sativa is one kind of perennial bloomer. Domestic alfalfa is mainly used in the dairy cow breeding industry, and the sustainable healthy development of dairy industry is closely related to the development of grass industry, especially the high-quality forage represented by alfalfa.


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Stems and leaves of Medicago sativa are soft and tasty. Regardless of whether they are used for greenfeed, silage, formulated green hay, processed grass power, mixed feed or compound feed, various livestocks like. Medicago sativa is also the preferred greenfeed in pig industry and aviculture industry.

Medicago sativa contains 5 kinds of vitamins such as vitamin B, vitamin C and vitamin E, 10 kinds of mineral substances and 3 nutrients flavonoids, carotenoid and phenolic acid unique to plants. Their effects are shown as follows:

1. Flavonoids: have an antioxidation effect and may prevent the accumulation of cholesterol on arteries and avoid blood clotting to reduce the possibility of arteriosclerosis occurring. Flavonoids may also block the adverse activities of certain hormones, inhibit the activities of enzyme causing inflammation and still inhibit microvascular proliferation.

2. Phenolic acid: Have an antioxidation effect. It may be considered as an antioxidant substance and may prevent blood clotting to make blood flow smoothly in blood vessels and thus reduces occurrence of cardiovascular diseases. 

3. Carotenoid: may protect eyes to prevent degenerative diseases of ophthalmic nerves. In human body, arotenoid may cause cell maturation and differentiation. For disease prevention, it has been proved that it has a certain effect in the prevention of cancer recurrence and heart disease occurrence. In clinic, it is already started that same carotenoids are used to conduct an additional preventative chemotherapy for cancer patients.

Indicators values Protein: MINIMUM 18% RFV: MINIMUM 150

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