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Sesame is the outstanding one of four staple edible oil crops in China and one of main oil crops in China. The oil extracted from sesame seeds has aromatic odour and is also called as pomade. It may be used as edible oil and also be used in medical application. Candied sesame oil may be used to prepare make butter and cosmetics. Ethiopia, Sultan, Togo, Mali, Bangladesh, Nige...


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Sesame is an annual upright perennial herb with height of 60-150cm. It spreads all over tropical regions and partial temperate regions in the earth. Oil content in sesame reaches 55%.

Classified in terms colors: sesame is divided into white sesame mainly used for cookies and other foods, yellow-white sesame mainly used for extracting oil and sesame sauce, black sesame mainly used for cookies and pharmacies, and variegated sesame mainly used for extracting oil.

Sesame contains a lot of fat and proteins. Among them, glycerolipids mainly include oleic acid, linoleic acid, palmitic acid and arachidic acid.

Moisture content: ≤6%-8% oil content: about 50% FFA(free fatty acid ) ≤1%-2%

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