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Wood is a naturally present material. Among four commonly-used main materials, only wood is directly obtained from the nature, and it has regenerative and sustainable characteristics. Wood is widely applied in building, furniture, paper, chemical fiber and other industries

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Wood has some advantages such as light weight, high strength/weight ratio, good elasticity, impact resistance, beautiful texture and color, and handling ease.

1, Naturality: Wood is a naturally present material. Among the four commonly-used main materials, only wood is directly obtained from the nature. Therefore, it has some characteristics of low production cost, small energy consumption, no hazard and no pollution.

2, Good texture: Wood has a good touchable property easily accepted by persons, and it is better greatly than metal, glass and other materials.

3, High strength/weight ratio: the strength/weight ratio of wood is higher than general metal, and it is a light-weight and high-strength material.    

4, Heat insulation: heat conductivity coefficient of wood is very small. Compared with it, heat conductivity coefficient of aluminum is 2000 times more, and conductivity coefficient of plastic is 30 times more. Therefore, wood has good heat insulation. 

5, Electrical insulation: due to poor electrical conductivity, wood is a better electrical insulation material. 

6, Machinability: wood is easily processed due to appropriate degree of hardness and softness.

7, Decorativeness:  As a furniture material and a decorative material, wood has good decorativeness due to inherent, natural and beautiful pattern. Due to the above unique properties,

8, In building application, fire resistance of wood is stronger than that of steel (contrary to common sense of many persons): many wooden buildings still stand after the fire, and only the external burnings were scorched, while the strength of internal structures is still high; on the contrary, because the rebars are softened by burning for many reinforced concrete structures after the fire, the buildings collapse and are severely damaged.

9, Except for special wood with high density, specific gravity of most wood materials is lower than that of water. The wood may float on water and may be used to manufacture ships.

10, Wood has some shortcomings such as inflammability, perishableness, no worm damage resistance, and drying shrinkage and wetting expansion.

11, Wood is one of widely-used materials, and it can be used to manufacture plates, furniture, plywood products and used as raw material for papermaking and chemical fiber industries.

My company is committed to developing wood materials of Eastern Europe, Latin America and Africa to conduct customized production according to customer's requirement.

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