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Refined petroleum products

Transparent liquid in appearance, combustible, distillation range of 30℃-220℃. Main components include C5~C12 aliphatic hydrocarbons and cycloalkanes as well as some arene. Gasoline has higher octane number (Antiknock and anticombustion performance) and may be divided into 90#, 93#, 95# and 97# bands from high to low in terms of octane number.


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 Refined petroleum products is obtained by refining different gasoline components from petroleum, such as straight-run distillation gasoline component, catalytic cracking gasoline component, catalytic reforming gasoline component and then mixing them with gasoline component with high octane number, and is mainly used as fuel for spark ignition engine.

Octane number (organon): no less than 92 Antiknock index: no less than 87 Plumbum: no more than 0.06 Residual value: no more than 2 Sulphur content,ppm: no more than 10 Gelatine mg/100ml: no more than 5 Mercaptan sulfur experiment: pass pass Copper corrosion (50℃,3h) :no more than 1 Benzene content: no more than 1 Arene content: no more than 40 Olefin content: no more than 24 Oxygen content: no more than 2.7 Density (20℃)kg/m3: 720-775

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