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Crude oil is a dark- brown flow or half-flow viscous fluid, slightly lighter than water, and it is a mixer with complex components; As for chemical elements, these components are many kinds of hydrocarbon compounds composed of carbon and hydrogen elements, collectively known as "hydrocarbon". There are multiple classification methods for crude oil. In terms of compositions, ...


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Crude oil is a viscous flammable liquid and a mixture composed of about 500 organic compounds with 1~60 carbon atoms. Among them, carbon content reaches 83~87%, and hydrogen content reaches 11~15%. In addition, there are a small quantity of sulfur, nitrogen and oxygen elements and trace amount of chlorine, arsenic, iodine, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium, copper, ferrum, nickel, plumbum, aluminum and vanadium. In appearance, crude oil is mostly black, brown or dark green, and sometimes is light yellow or yellow. Density of crude oil at 20 is generally between 0.77 and 0.96g/cm3.

Specific Gravity (60/60F), 0.8265 Pour point, F 16 Nitrogen, ppm 624 Vanadium, ppm 3.1 Specific Gravity (60/60F), SPG,60F,none 0.85548 0.85548 Sulfur, wt% SUL,% 1.83932 1.83932 Viscosity at 20C/68F, cSt VIS,20C,cSt 9.06202 9.06202 Mercaptan sulfur, ppm MER,ppm 28 28 Vanadium, ppm VAN,ppm 11.0642 11.0642 Calcium, ppm _CA,ppm 0.5 0.5 Reid Vapor Pressure (RVP) Whole Crude, psi RVP,psi 8.96 8.96

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