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Compound fertilizer

Compound fertilizer refers to the fertilizer containing two or more nutrient elements. Percentages of nutrients in compound fertilizer are fixed, and types, quantities and percentages of nutrient elements required for different soils and different crops vary. Generally, only after the texture and nutrition status of field soils and nutrient needs of crops are known, fertiliz...


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1. Compound fertilizer has some advantages such as high-content nutrients, few accessory constituents and good physical properties. It plays a very important role in balancing fertilization, raising the utilization ratio of fertilizers and promoting a high and stable yield of crops.

2. It is feasible to prepare the fertilization usage, fertilization period and fertilization way of fertilizers containing nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and microelements on the basis of reasonable application of organic fertilizers according to fertilizer's requirement rules, performance of soil providing fertilizers and fertilizer effect.

3. Achieve the purpose of increasing fertilizer utilization rate and reducing usage, increasing crop yield, improving the quality of agricultural product, saving labor, and cutting down expenditures and increasing income.

A variety of formulations of nitrogen phosphorus compound fertilizer and phosphorus potassium compound fertilizer can be customized according to customer's needs.

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