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Phosphatic fertilizer (Triple Super Phosphate)

Triple super phosphate with scientific name of heavy calcium superphosphate and English name of triple super phosphate is generally abbreviated as TSP. In terms of morphology, it is divided into granular triple super phosphate and powder triple super phosphate. Generally, granular triple super phosphate is required in agriculture, belonging to slightly-acid quick-action phos...


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1. Can be soluble in water. Its fertilizer efficiency is higher than that of calcium superphosphate (common calcium). It is preferably combined with farmyard manure for use, but isn't combined with alkaline substance.

2. Mainly provide phosphorus and calcium for plants to promote plant germination, root growth, plant development, virgation, fructification and maturation. It may be used as raw material for base fertilizer, seed fertilizer, foliage top-dressing, foliage spray and compound fertilizer.

3. Belong to slightly-acid quick-action phosphatic fertilizer. It is one kind of widely-used single water-soluble phosphatic fertilizer with highest concentration, and has high fertilizer efficiency and strong adaptability and has the effect of improving alkaline soil.

Total phosphorus(as P2O5) 46% min Active Phosphate (as P2O5) 42% min Water-soluble phosphorus 36% min Moisture 4.0% min Free Fatty Acid 5.0% max Particle Size 2.00-4.75mm 85% min Color Grey

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