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Nitrogen fertilizer(calcium ammonium nitrate )

Calcium ammonium nitrate with English name of Ammonium Calcium Nitrate is generally abbreviated as CAN. Calcium ammonium nitrate is of white granular and is currently a novel water-soluble efficient fertilizer. It still contains calcium and magnesium, in addition to common nutrient elements. It is generally applied for fruits and other commercial crops.


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1. Calcium ammonium nitrate is of white round granule and is 100% soluble in water. It is one kind of novel efficient compound fertilizer containing nitrogen and quick-action calcium. It has quick-action fertilizer efficiency and can quickly supplement nitrogen. Addition of calcium and magnesium makes it have more full nutrients than ammonium nitrate. Therefore, it can be absorbed directly by plants.

2. Calcium ammonium nitrate belongs to neutral fertilizer and has small physiological acidity to improve acid soils. After application into soils, small acidity and alkalinity will not induce soil hardening, which may cause soils to become loose.

3. In plantation of economic crops, flowers, fruits, vegetables and other crops, it may prolong vase life to promote normal growth of roots, stems and leaves, ensure bright-color fruits and increase sugar content in fruits. 

Nitrogen: 27% min Calcium (as CaO): 6.0% min Magnesium (as MgO): 2.0% min Moisture: 1.0% max Particle Size 2.00-4.00mm 85% min

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