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Nitrogen fertilizer(urea)

Urea with English name of urea is divided into large granular urea (Urea Granular), medium granular urea (Urea Medium Size) and small granular urea(Urea Prilled). As one kind of neutral fertilizer, urea is suitable for various soils and plants. It is one kind of fertilizer with larger use amount currently due to easy storage, convenient application and small damage to soils.


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1. Urea is one kind of high-concentration nitrogen fertilizer, belonging to neutral quick action fertilizer, and may be used to manufacture multiple compound fertilizers.

2. There is no residual of any harmful substance in the soil, and long-term application has no adverse effect.

3. Urea is suitable for use as base fertilizer and topdressing, and sometimes it is used as seed fertilizer. Before conversion, urea is in molecular state and can't be absorbed by the soil. Therefore, it is necessary to prevent fertilizer loss with water; after conversion, resulted ammonia is easily volatile. So, urea is also deeply applied and covered with soils.

4. Urea(nitrogen fertilizer) can promote cell growth and division to make branches and leaves bloom.

nitrogen content: 46% min Biuret: 1.0% max Moisture: 1.0% max Particle Size 2.00-4.75mm, 90% min

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