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Building material (wire-rods)

Wire-rods: Also known as wires, wire-rods usually refer to the small-diameter round steel coiled. Wire-rods are 5-19mm in diameter (6-9 mm in usual) and their lower limit is the minimum dimension of hot-rolled steel section. 产品特性


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The wire-rods shall be straightened by the bar straightener before use, for the purposes to remove the oxide skin and improve the strength during repetitive bending and stretching. Where the bar straightener is unavailable on small construction site, the wire-rods may be straightened by the winch, other than by direct stretching, to avoid  severe plastic deformation; moreover, the pulley weight shall be applied on one side for tension force control.

The diameter is 5-19mm (6-9 mm in usual), standard: Q195-235 SAE1006-1018B,30MnSi.

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