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Building material (deformed bar)

Deformed bar: Commonly known as the bar and enjoys the highest demand among steel products. Deformed bar is the popular name of hot rolled ribbed bar. The designation of ordinary hot-rolled bar consists of HRB and the minimum yield point for the designation. H, R and B are the first letters of Hotrolled, Ribbed and Bars. The hot rolled ribbed bar includes such three designat...


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The deformed bar is widely applied in civil work of house, bridge and road, etc., ranging from expressway, railway, bridge, culvert, tunnel, flood control, dam and other public utilities, to building foundation, girder, column, wall and plate, among which the deformed bar is an indispensable structural material. With the ever-deepening urbanization in China, the deformed bar enjoys a great demand in infrastructure construction and vigorous development of real estate industry.

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