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Also known as steel beam (English name: Universal Beam), I-beam is a kind of strip steel with the I-shape section. I-beam includes ordinary I-beam and light-weight I-beam and is a kind of section steel with the I-shape section.


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Application: plant, high-rise building, bridge, ship, foundation pile, etc. The ordinary I-beam and light-weight I-beam have relatively high and narrow sectional dimensions and therefore generate a large difference in inertia moment of two principal axis of the sections, which results in a great limitation of their application. I-beam shall be selected and used in accordance with design drawing.

Main materials of H-section steel are Q235B, SM490, SS400, Q345 and Q345B. HW means the H-section steel with fundamentally equal height and flange width, etc., and is mainly applied as the steel core column in reinforced concrete frame column structure and also called as rigid steel pile. In the steel structure, H-section steel with the ratio of height and flange width column of 1.33~~1.75 is principally applied; and it is applied as the steel frame column in column HM and as frame beam in frame structure bearing dynamic loading, e.g., device platform. HN means the H-section steel with≥2 ratio of equal height and flange width and is mainly applied as the beam. I-beam’s application is equivalent to that of HN section steel.

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