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The channel steel is the strip steel with concave section and the section steel with groove section.


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The channel steel is mainly applied in building structure, curtain wall engineering, mechanical equipment, vehicle manufacture, etc. The good welding, riveting and comprehensive mechanical properties are required for the channel steel in use. The raw material billet for channel steel is carbon structure steel or low alloy steel billet having the maximum of 0.25% carbon content. The finished channel steel shall have been subjected to thermoforming, normalizing or hot rolling before delivery. The specification of channel steel shall be indicated by  waist height(h)*leg width(b)* waist thickness(d) in mm, e.g., 100*48*5.3 indicates the channel steel with 100mm in waist height, 48mm in leg width and 5.3mm in waist thickness, or 10# channel steel. The channel steel having the same waist height but different leg width(b) and waist thickness, shall be differentiated by adding a, b or c on the right of its specification, e.g., 25#a, 25#b and 25#c.

The specification of channel steel is indicated mainly by height (h), leg width(b), waist thickness(d) and other dimensions. At present, the specification of domestic channel steel ranges from 5# to 40#, i.e., 5-40cm in height. The delivery lengths for the channel steel include fixed-length or double-length, with the tolerances specified in the corresponding standard. Depending on different specifications, the length selection range for domestic channel steel includes 5-12m, 5-19m and 6-19m. The length selection range for channel steel is 6-15m in general.

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