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Commonly known as angle iron, the angle steel is the strip steel with both edges mutually perpendicular and includes equal angle steel and unequal angle steel. The equal angle steel has the same edge width and is indicated by edge width×edge width×edge thickness in mm. For example, “∟30×30×3” indicates the equal angle steel with 30mm in edge width and 3mm in edge thic...


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The angle steel may constitute the different stress components in accordance with the different demands of a structure and may function as the connecting piece between components. It is widely applied in various building structures and engineering structures, e.g., beam, bridge, power transmission tower, hoisting and conveying machinery, ship, industrial furnace, reaction tower, container frame and warehouse.

GB/T2101-89 (General Requirement of Acceptance, Packaging, Marking, and Certification for Section Steel),GB9787-88/GB9788-8 (Hot-rolled Equal/Unequal Leg Angle Steel-dimensions, Shape, Weight and Tolerances), JISG3192-94 (Hot-rolled Steel Shape, Size, Weight and Tolerance), DIN17100-80(Steels for General Structural Purpose; Quality Standard) and FOCT535-88 (Technical Conditions of Ordinary Carbon Structural Steels).

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