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Sunflower seed oil

Sunflower seed oil is in the fourth place among all vegetable oils in consumption amount in the world, following palm oil, soybean oil and rapeseed oil. Global yield of sunflower seed oil is stably between 10 and ~12 million tons, and sunflower seed oil one of important edible oil varieties in European countries. Internationally, sunflower seed oil consumption percentage rea...


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1, Sunflower seed oil contains multiple substances beneficial to human such as sterol, vitamin and linoleic acid. Among them, natural vitamin E level is highest among all main vegetable oils, whereas linoleic acid level reaches about 70%.

2, In sunflower seed oil, content of a-tocopherol with the strongest physiological activity is higher than that in general vegetable oil. Also, percentages of both linoleic acid level and vitamin E level are more balanced, which is convenient for human body's absorption and utilization.

3, Sunflower seed oil still contains more vitamin E, about 100-120mg/100g oil. It has good functions delay aging of human cells and maintaining rejuvenation. Long-term intake may strengthen body and prolong life.

Items Quality indicator odour, taste Have the inherent odour and taste of sunflower seed oil and no abnormal odour. Moisture and volatile matter (%)≤0.20 Insoluble impurities (%)≤0.20 acid value (mgKOH/g)≤4.0 Peroxide value(mmol/kg) ≤7.5 Residual solvent amount (mg/kg)≤100

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