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Non-transgenic soybean

Non-transgenic soybean(domestic soybean, northeastern soybean, Heilongjiang soybean): round shape, plump granule, light bright yellow in color, and soybean umbilicus is light yellow except for partial anti-adenovirus varieties in North. In some countries such as Russia and Ukraine, it is forbidden to plant and sell transgenic products. Therefore, all soybean products yielded...


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Differences between non-transgenic and transgenic soybeans:

Non-transgenic soybean is elliptic and slightly-flat in shape, while transgenic soybean is round and rounded in shape.

Umbilicus of Non-transgenic soybean is sandy beige, while umbilicus of transgenic soybean is yellow or yellowish-brown.

Odour, color: no abnormal odour, no obvious sludge adhesion on the surface, particle of uniform diameter, and normal color. Crude protein(%)≥ 36.00 Impurity(%)≤1.5 Broken rate (%)≤8 Moisture and volatile matter (%) ≤12

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