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Non-transgenic soybean oil

Raw material used for transgenic soybean oil is the transgenic soybean imported from America, Brazil, Argentina and other countries. Genes of some bacteria are implanted into soybean plants by biotechnology, which protects them from infestation of pests; while non-transgenic soybean oil is one kind of edible oil which is made of soybean of Chinese origin (production areas ar...


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Between non-transgenic soybean oil and transgenic soybean oil, differences in stearic acid, r-linolenic acid, erucic acid and nervonic acid levels are not significant, the difference in palmitic acid level is significant, and differences in oleic acid, linoleic acid and linolenic acid levels are extremely significant. As a whole, there are significant differences in nutritional ingredients between transgenic and non-transgenic soybean oils. Types of nutritional ingredients are same, but quantities of nutritional ingredients are different.

Mean oleic acid level and mean linolenic acid level in non-transgenic soybean oil are respectively 6.72% and 5.33% higher than those in transgenic soybean oil, while mean linoleic acid level in transgenic soybean oil is 9.18% higher than that in non-transgenic soybean oil. In transgenic soybean oil, the ratio of oleic acid to linoleic acid is 1:4.9, and the ratio in non-transgenic soybean oil is 1:2.8, whereas the optimal ratio of oleic acid to linoleic acid suggested by National Health Organization is 1:1. So, non-transgenic soybean oil is better than transgenic soybean oil in the aspect of fatty acid composition. In addition, unsaturated fatty acid level is close each other.

Non-transgenic soybean oil products mainly contain grade soybean oil without odour and small packaging products of AE soybean oil as soybean oil without treatment by deodorization process has a special odour. At present, there are mainly Fook Lam Moon, Jiusan, Gold Arowana and other brands for non-transgenic grade soybean oil in the market in China.

FFA (%) ≤1.5 Moisture and volatile matter(%)≤0.4 Phosphorus content ≤250ppm Acid value ≤ 3.0mg/g

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