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Mutton is warm-natured, and it can't only keep out the cold, but also build up human health. For all weakness symptoms such as general cold cough, chronic tracheitis, cold asthma, kidney deficiency and impotence, abdomen crymodynia, sensation of chill due to weak constitution, soreness and weakness of waist and knees, emaciation with sallow complexion, dual depletion of Qi a...


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1. Mutton contains rich fat, vitamin, calcium, phosphorus and ferrum. Especially, calcium content and ferrum content are significantly higher than those in beef and pork, and cholesterol content is low. Therefore, mutton is a good food nourishing the body.

2. Mutton is easily digested due to tender meat quality, and mutton may still increase digestive enzymes, protect stomach walls and intestinal tracts and thus promote food digestion.

3. Mutton has the effect of invigorating the kidney and strengthening Yang, suitable for persons with body weakness and cold intolerance.

Frozen mutton specification is prepared in terms of different sites and sheep breeds.

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