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Beef contains rich proteins and amino acids. Its composition is more similar to needs of human body than pork's composition, and it can improve body's disease-resistant ability. It is specially suitable for the needs of persons in growth and development and the blood supplement and tissue repair needs of persons in postoperative and post illness convalesce. Traditional Chine...


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1. Beef contains rich sarcosine and alanine

Both sarcosine and alanine contents in beef are higher than those in other foods. Therefore, it is effective for muscle growth and strength enhancement. Alanine can provide the required energies for muscles for relieving energy shortage. 

2. Beef contains vitamin B6 and vitaminB12

The greater the protein requirement amount is, vitamin B6 added in diet is more. Beef contains adequate vitamin B6, which may helps to enhance immunity and promote metabolism and synthesis of proteins. Vitamin B12 is vital for erythrocyte generation, and vitaminB12 can promote metabolism of branched chain amino acids. 

3. Beef contains potassium and protein.

Potassium is a mineral substance which was more lack of in athlete's diet. Low level of potassium will inhibit protein synthesis and generation of growth hormone to influence muscle growth. Beef contains rich proteins: 4 ounces of tenderloin lean generates 22g high-quality protein.

4. Beef contains zinc, magnesium and ferrum.

Zinc is an antioxidant helping protein synthesis and promoting muscle growth. The common effect of zinc and glutamate and vitamin B6 is to strengthen the immune system. Magnesium supports protein synthesis and enhances muscle strength. Ferrum is a mineral substance necessary for hematopoiesis. Compared with little ferrum in chicken, fish and turkey, beef contains rich ferrum.

Frozen beef specification is prepared in terms of different sites and beef cattle breeds.

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